Get your “Green Prescription” at Blackadder Holiday Park


Posted: August 26th, 2016

Research carried out by the James Hutton Institute on behalf of the Scottish Government have found that less than 50% of over 60’s and 40% of over 75’s take part in outdoor activities more than once a week.

The outdoors provide great ways to stay fit and active, from keen hill walkers to gentle forest walks or Mountain biking to easy cycling there are hundreds of activities to take part in. The physical and mental benefits of taking part in such activities on a regular basis are clear, it is believed there are both preventative and curative benefits.

The report suggests that GPs and Medical Professionals could encourage older people to do more outdoor exercise by giving out “Green Prescriptions” to help them overcome the barriers that are currently holding them back. The barriers outlined were Safety Concerns, Lack of Companionship, Lack of Self-Motivation or being to Busy.

At Blackadder Holiday Park we have looked at what activities are available for those who are looking for a more active lifestyle. Here are our Top 5 suggestions.

Lawn Bowls – Bowls is a great game and outdoor past time, its simply exercise mixed with a bit of healthy competition. The game of bowls is not physically taxing but gets you up off the sofa and out in the fresh air. Its a great way to meet new people and the Bowling club next to Blackadder Holiday Park also has a licensed club house! You can find more information about the game here – Wikipedia-Lawn-Bowls

Golf – A truly Scottish game! Golf has been described as a great way to spoil a walk but its also a great reason to go for a walk. The distance covered on an 18 hole course is not to be sniffed at, and again with that hint of competition it can make for a great day out. There are 5 great golf courses within close proximity to Blackadder Holiday Park, we have listed them here – Borders-Golf-Courses

Walking – The Scottish borders has some breathtaking countryside including moorland, forest and riverside walks. Walking is a really rewarding activity, its suits people of all abilities. You do not have to be adventurous to get out and enjoy the fresh air even just walking round some of the historic borders towns or historic homes and gardens is better than being sat in front of the telly. Its a great way to discover new places and really see whats of offer. provides some great information about walking in our local area, as well as details on the Borders Walking Festival which is held once a year.

Cycling – Another brilliant activities, one you can make as hard or as enjoyable as you want. The Scottish borders is renowned for it quality mountain biking venues but also offers some excellent road cycling and leisure cycling. The Scottish borders council have recently unveiled plans for a fiver year scheme to boost cycle tourism to the area, this on top of what already available will open up cycling of all levels withing the Scottish Borders.

Fishing – If your good at it, you might not just get your daily exercise you might catch something healthy for dinner to. Fishing is very popular around the Scottish Borders, there is fly fishing in the tweed as well as on the Blackadder itself which runs through the middle of Blackadder Holiday Park.


Do not forget, owning a holiday home gives you great access to a more active lifestyle, you can escape to your own space in the countryside and enjoy your leisure time the way you see fit. If you have any questions about any of the activities we have covered above or would like to find out more about the park please contact Linda on 01361 884 075.