Jaw dropping, mouthwatering, fresh and tasty food, a really great family dining experience!

Posted: November 11th, 2017

We are upping the Anti at the Blackadder Bar and restaurant 

We have an age old policy of making sure of fair rewards for valued staff and we are blessed to have a fantastic team at the Blackadder Hotel, now lead by our new star Pamela Jeffrey and Head Chef Darren Molton.   

Pam has much experience in the industry,  we all soon noticed that she always leads the way with such a friendly radiant smile.   Darren arrived only yesterday to join the team.  He is an acclaimed chef with an impeccable background, it would be fair to say he has “his fingers in many pies” from teaching culinary skills to providing consultancy for national organisations. We’ll be introducing Darren a little more over the next few weeks.   

Our Goal over the coming months is to raise the bar even further,  so that we remain a top venue.  Where the community of Greenlaw, and the wider area can enjoy quality meals in comfortable surroundings, each day, of every season, throughout the year!

Our Strategy will be to maintain the high level of service, keep the menus small fresh and tasty, topped up with eye catching and mouthwatering specials on a weekly basis.  To thoroughly review and refresh the Sunday menu, so that we can offer a truly sublime family dining experience with fine hospitality, on everyone’s favourite day.

So we’ll be hammering away keeping you informed of our menu changes and special boards over the coming weeks,  in the lead up to the launch of our fabulous Christmas Menu.

Fine food and hospitality at The Blackadder

Fine food and hospitality at The Blackadder